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I am a Yoga & Mindfulness teacher, based in La Celle Saint-Cloud , 10 km west of Paris.

Born in Italy, raised in the US, Italy & Sweden , I have been living in the Paris region for 16 years now.

I have been practicing meditation for 20 years and Yoga for about 25 years.

I believe that we are very much driven by a conceptual mind, conditioned to assume that the brain is the core organ, and that our thoughts are the root proof of us being.

This is particularly strong in the french rationalist cartesian culture , where the « Cogito , ergo sum » (I think, therefore I am) is a pervasive mantra and almost a law of nature.

With I breathe, therefore I am, I would like simply  to remind that the breathing body is more important than the conceptual body, and that we should acknowledge more body & mind as a whole, instead of separating these two poles of the same reality.

I am a Sivananda Yoga certified teacher (also certified to teach to pregnant women) and certified by the International Yoga Alliance.

I have been trained in Mindfulness & MBSR training at the Center for Mindfulness in Medecine, Health care and Society, founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn as part of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

I am certified Yogatherapist having followed the training with Doctor Lionel Coudron, founder of the Institute of Yoga Therapy.

I currently teach mindfulness workshops & MBSR programs :

I co-founded the YEP – Yoga en prison project with Marion Streiff and I have been volunteering in palliative care for a couple of years.

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